About Us

Hi! We are Marianne and Meike, the Bonny Bonnets team.

We're also mother and daughter, based in London, who love to sew and just adore making bonnets. The way bonnets frame the face, hark back to a bygone era, finish an outfit and just make little faces look even more delicious - what's not to love?! We're often saying "Let's get more babies in bonnets" - so join us in making this happen! Finding the time to be creative can be tricky, as we both have full-time jobs and young kids/grand-kids, but it's when we get behind our trusty machines that the magic happens. We love what we do, and with every bonnet sold we're just extending our family - the Bonny Bonnets way!


Modern Bonnets

Our bonnets are not only beautiful, unique and functional, but we strive to make them as friendly to the environment as possible. The world has a huge problem with textile waste, we live in a throw-away culture, so we are trying to do our bit to prevent some of this waste. We use as much pre-loved and vintage fabric as we can to create each and every bonnet, sourced from charity shops, vintage stores, websites and kind donations. We like to say our bonnets are from pre-loved to re-loved! Occasionally, for design purposes, we will buy fabric but we try hard to keep this to a minimum. A lot of our plain-colour trimmings are bought, as we desire more uniformity here, but we also make our own with patterned and floral fabric where possible. Slow fashion, some might say, is what makes our bonnets timeless, heirloom pieces. It's not always easy, but it's always rewarding!
DISCLAIMER: While sleeping babies in bonnets are certainly beautiful, we advise to not leave a baby sleeping in a bonnet unattended. And though we try to use natural fibres, with vintage fabrics we can not always be sure of their makeup so please (as ever!) keep babes in bonnets away from fire.