Custom Orders & Donations

Custom Orders

We are now up and running with custom bonnets!

We can make them using your chosen loved fabric, whether that's using a small section of your wedding dress or veil to make a christening bonnet, a much-loved shirt that no longer fits or even a grandmother's tablecloth that means a lot. Or we can dig into our treasure chest of pre-loved and vintage fabrics and find the perfect one for you.

Just contact us on and we can discuss design, fabrics and prices and start your bespoke bonnet journey!




We'd be hugely grateful for donations of any pre-loved or vintage material that you feel would look gorgeous as a bonnet. Cotton, linen, vintage lace, jeans and chambray materials, men’s and ladies cotton shirts, dresses and skirts can all be used. Unfortunately polyester does not work well in our bonnets. Thank you!! Sadly at this time we aren't able to exchange donations for bonnets. For more information of where to send your donation, please contact