Copy of Our Drops

What is a drop? 

Rather than having a permanently open online shop, a drop is a release of a limited collection of bonnets at a specific time. Our collections drop roughly every 5 weeks and are open for about 48 hours, after which the shop closes its checkout again at 10pm and those bonnets will no longer be available. The bonnets that you see in our drops are all ready to ship, and will be posted to you within 3 days of the sale. No waiting for your special piece to arrive! 


What will be in the collection? 

Typically we offer between 10-12 designs in every drop, available across all our sizes. Hopefully, as our business grows, so will the range in our drops grow! 

Why do we sell in drops?

For many reasons - probably the most important is that we want to offer you a totally new collection of bonnets every few weeks! Its all about the design, innovation and variation. 

 Another key reason is that we predominantly use pre-loved and vintage fabrics, which limits the quantity we can make of each design and therefore they wouldn’t work as a typical larger seasonal range.  

We hope that our bonnet-loving customers will be intrigued to see what we have to offer in every drop and want to build up an heirloom collection of precious pieces.  


How do I know when the next drop will be? 

We’ll be advertising it well on our Instagram page (@thebonnybaby) as well as on our website homepage. Our fantastic Brand Reps will be spreading the word too! Or you can always send us an email to and we’ll let you know!


Why are there no bonnets on the site? 

You’ve caught us in the in-between stage…we’re busy making them! Look for our launch date and we’ll preview the bonnets a week before the drop opens. You can search either by your desired size or under our ‘All bonnets’ button. 


Any more info on the bonnets? 

Yes! We do a live Instagram story a day before the drop (and we keep that available for you to watch for 24 hours). We’ll talk you through fabric, material weights, linings, how to measure and usually other information comes up too! If you’re watching along live, you can ask me any further questions you might have. 

If you are after a custom bonnet, we'll be up and running with that options soon! 


What do I need to know for the drop?
Know the drop date and time. Familiarise yourself with our website and scout out the bonnets available in the size you are looking for (don’t forget to measure your baby’s head first following our Sizes & How to Measure guide). Watch our live video if you fancy and then you’re set to go! Our shop opens for about 48 hours and we usually announce a juicy discount code for orders placed in the first couple of hours.